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Subaru Forester A Leading SUV

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Oct 12, 2018
Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester Well proportioned, fun to drive and reliable

Subaru Forester is one of those hard-working SUVs which are always seeing to impress the occupiers in every way. Although it cannot be achieved at a rate of 100% it covers many of the areas successfully. It has a straightforward designing to put forward its purpose truly. The looks are bold yet the outer look is smaller than it really is from inside. This is a spacious car without those cramped seats at the front or rear and practical layouts inside. It can drive in any weather condition so you do not have to worry about taking this to unusual placed.

There is that excellent tire grip which keeps you going on any surface. Subaru Forester engine makes it a more attractive deal as it provides that fun to drive factor which many are so obsessed with these days that buying a car without it is impossible. The driving position and outward visibility are really good which are very important when a crossover is in consideration. As riding mountainous surfaces really require a good look of the road to place the car accurately and carefully.

Engine choices

There are two engines that are offered with Forester. There is a flat four engine which is a 2.5-litre having a 170 hp. The other one is a 2.0-litre turbo-four having a 250 hp. Both these engines have something special for themselves. The boxed one is more preferable when you are going to tow a heavy load as it gives an instant hit and it also likes to rev harder so that you can hold on to a gear for a little longer than usual.

The 2.0-litre engine one is great when it comes to having a speedy journey without challenges but towing guts are absent over here to some extent. Apart from this entire critical thing, the buyers of forester love the four-wheel drive and the grip it provides to hold on to the ground firm when a surprising condition comes ahead. This SUV can be one of the very honest ones providing exactly what it says on the papers. There is a six-speed manual gearbox for the lower trims and only automatic gearbox for the higher ones. Reconditioned Subaru engines are also there to help out the owners for making the affair simple.

The car-like handling

Subaru moves with the car-like features, but this one is sportier than sedans. The continuously variable transmission present in this vehicle is the best. The sport like movements surpasses Honda, Toyota or a Nissan. There is a minimal body role far less than others and that little one is effortless handles by the grip of the road and the balance remains intact always. There is also a well-weighted steering wheel always there to help the driver know of what is coming under the tires. There is a good level of noise control than before and the ride is free from most of those unwanted sounds.

A top safety pick

The safety features which come with this vehicle are capable of keeping this off-roader safe and the occupiers also. Rear view camera comes as standard and the blind spot monitoring has also become standard on selected trims. The excellent Subaru EyeSight camera system is the most prominent among safety features.

This one allows multiple cameras to keep an eye on road hazards. This allows the car to apply the brake to avoid the crash fully or reduce the impact to a great level. This system adds color camera, automatic headlights and automatic reverse braking as standard this year. You don’t have to go for the optional add-on when such standard equipment is present.

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