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The 2014 Subaru XV is Scotland’s Crossover of the Year

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Jan 31, 2014

Crossovers are a popular thing all over the world now, and Subaru’s XV is winning friends from the Scottish press. The 2014 XV Crosstrek has received another accolade for its efficiency, sporty character and performance.

This reward has come from an unlikely place though, Scotland. Crossovers are a “cross” between an SUV and a wagon and have features of both vehicles. What Subaru has done, it has created a niche market with their SUV and the concept is catching around the world.

This latest XV is the latest example of why people are attracted to the brand. The Subaru XV was introduced in 2012 and it has become number two selling vehicle in Subaru’s lineup behind the popular 2014 Forester. The 2014 Subaru VX has now received recognition by the Press & Journal in Scotland. It’s been named the “Crossover of the Year” by the Scottish publication.

The Press & Journal are impressed with the Subaru XV and said, “The Subaru XV is a smart looking crossover that offers the best All-Wheel drive system in its class and some charismatic engines. Recent changes to pricing make it one of the more affordable choices in the sector and it remains one of the most capable and secure options when the weather turns really nasty.”

This most recent “Crossover of the Year” award is about styling, packaging and utility. Press & Journal went on to say, “The issue in this segment is about packaging and presenting this cleaver engineering in a way that’s appealing to mainstream customers. With the XV, this is sorted. It looks good, it’s a reasonable size, it drives well and it will undoubtedly be very reliable.” The XV now comes in a new Black Limited Edition and new hybrid model. XV Crosstrek is getting more recognition around the globe and might even take over the 2014 Forrester in 2014.

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