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Future of Subaru BRZ is STI Performance

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Jun 8, 2015
Subaru STI performance car

Subaru has revealed the STI performance concept car at New York Motor Show as the future of BRZ


Subaru STI performance concept car has been revealed at the New York Auto Show and it is claimed as the future of BRZ. On its first world premiere, Subaru gave a detailed preview of the car. They released a long and detailed description of its impact on the Subaru markets.



This performance concept showcases a meaningful message about Subaru’s motorsport heritage and the engineering capabilities of Subaru Technica International (STI). Subaru is the motorsport division of Fuji Heavy Industries Japan.



STI’s car is definitely powered by a racing package, but it has the same 2.0 litre Subaru boxer engine which runs the BRZ GT300 and the most famous super GT series. With the rated power output of 300 hp, this boxer engine propels the wheels at 330lb-ft of torque.


Subaru said that the company believes in actual performance, not just in sticking the STI badges on the grille, boot door, lever knob or fuel tank caps.



This STI performance concept shows the enthusiasm of the company to introduce rear wheel drive vehicles in the US markets. It will likely to happen next year by bringing an STI tuned BRZ to US.


A great news for the Subaru fans is that the Japanese automaker is committed to expand its STI business operations in the US markets. The STI Concept will remain a separate entity in the model line-up and will not transform into a BRZ STI in the near future.



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