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Levorg is a Wonderful Addition to the Estate Car Category!

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Nov 5, 2015

Subaru’s new Levorg 2015 will bring tough competition for its rivals with its inspiring features

Estate-Tuned-Sporting GT

The new Levorg has some unique characteristic and can be classified into the category of estate car class, it has some inspiring features of its engine, interior cabin and gearbox. Subaru has transformed its old legacy by making Levorg, a proper and perfect estate tuned-sporting-GT.

The Subaru Levorg’s sporting roof can be easily identified because Subaru had shared a platform with WRX STi. It definitely provides awesome ride and wonderful drive as it is stable through the corner and apparently no body roles.

One Trim and One Engine Option

The Levorg has 1.6-litre turbocharged flat-four direct injection petrol engine with the power of 168bhp and generates a torque of 250Nm. The Leverog attains the speed of 0-62mph within 8.9 sec and top speed of 130mph has been recorded during the test drive.

When it comes to economy it doesn’t deliver impressive fuel economy, because the combination of turbo petrol engine and 4-wheel drive has made it a fuel sucking vehicle. The Levorg returns 38.9mpg and the CO2 emissions figure stay at 164g/km, although not great but quite good in the same class. It had CVT auto-gearbox and provides all-wheel drive experience.

CVT Gearbox

Subaru has developed innovative lineartonic CVT gearbox to deliver power to all four-wheels. The company has not relied on the traditional automatic-gearbox to give a different appeal to its customers.

The new-Levorg has the same four wheel drive, but Subaru has made one trim level, one engine and one gearbox for its all new-Levorg. The automotive critics say, the CVT gearbox is not quick enough to respond fast although 1.6-litre turbo petrol has enough power to deliver reasonable speed.

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