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New Subaru BRZ Is Fun and Frugal

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Feb 4, 2015
Subaru BRZ 2015


In percentage improvement category, BRZ secured second position and returned 55.42mpg which is brilliantly 53.1% more than the official figure


There are a very few among the rest of the world who don’t know anything about Marathon but the numbers maybe even fewer when we talk about the MPG Marathon which is held every year to measure the MPG of vehicles. Subaru BRZ needs no introduction, but it is worth mentioning that in the ‘Percentage Improvement Category’, it secured second position in the MPG Marathon 2014. So, you can imagine how fun and frugal this rear wheel drive coupe is.

Motoring journalist Richard Aucock and co-driver Katie Beck are the ones who tried out the new Subaru BRZ and over the run of 330 miles, it achieved an impressive 55.42mpg, amazingly it is over 53.1% improvement over the official combined economy cycle.

This new sports car is equipped with Boxer engine and a six speed manual transmission, weighs over 1,230kg, power output is 200ps, the chassis is designed for fine-handling and the centre of gravity is pretty low and officially returns 36.2mpg. The mileage achieved on the other hand is 25.7% higher than what is officially claimed to be the extra-urban fuel consumption.

For all of those who don’t know what the MPG Marathon is and how it works, Fleet World Magazine is organising this two days event where the sole purpose of the event is to show the world how a driver and the car can make a huge difference in the emissions and fuel costs. It’s a 330 mile route which starting from the Cirencester on the first day, heads out to the Brecon Beacons in Wales and on day two, it goes down to the Andover and Bath. All the contestants are free to choose their own routes but have to make stops on the pre-agreed fixed points.

To aid the fuel efficiency, aluminium cylinder block and cylinder head utilise separate cooling circuits and six-speed manual transmission with slick shifting allow decisive acceleration. That’s not all, the relatively long top gear ratio also enables the BRZ to return impressive fuel economy when cruising long journeys.

Over all, it is one of the best vehicles you could find out there in the same class.

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