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Subaru Boxer Diesel Engines are Mechanized Revolution

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Jul 3, 2013

Number of successful inventions are employed by the Subaru in automotive industry including the use of horizontally opposed Boxer engines for a passenger car that was introduced in 2008 Subaru

models of Legacy and Outback successfully. Subaru is pioneer for providing all-wheel drive modules as standard on almost all Subaru models. They are also pioneers of ECTV transmissions for smooth acceleration while reducing emission rates and fuel consumption. The first Boxer Diesel engine was introduced in 2008 and still being produced since then. It comes on the Forester, Legacy and Outback models as standard with different variations in size and sophistication in power.

The next generation of the Boxer diesel engine is yet to come; Subaru is considering developing a six cylinder Boxer diesel engine for the future Impreza models to serve the Impreza with more rocking power. The Boxer diesel engines have just been introduced in the Europe markets and they are performing remarkably to increase its appealing to the European drivers. The Subaru

diesel engines are equipped with the environmentally sensitive technologies to improve the performance of the Subaru vehicles. Subaru engineers have applied dynamic technologies and modifications to turbo Boxer diesel to set Subaru’s models apart from other diesel engines. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) initially in the Forester models is a closed-type DPF but the same DPF is originally used as Open-type in the Legacy models of Subaru. Subaru diesel engines are in compliance with the EURO4 Emission Standards, emission control systems are much improved as Subaru is focussed on strict standards around the world including the EURO5. The Subaru are striving to further improvements on fuel economy of diesel engines as well as the reduced CO2 emissions to place the Subaru models on the driver’s wish list.

The time has come when stylish and efficient yet advanced technologies offered in the Subaru models and the powerful and sophisticated diesel engines with economy and performance are in command in the European markets. The Subaru diesel engines were developed with a Subaru identity on this promise that if you drive Subaru Boxer diesel, you will understand its distinguished efficiency and potential while taking the environment on its first priority and power on rocking heights.

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