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Subaru BRZ With No Turbo But Still A Powerful Unit

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Jul 30, 2016
Subaru BRZ

Two trims with two Gearboxes, the new BRZ with excellent power and handling controls

More power and acceleration. When these words are linked with the car world, these are considered to be something which is as like as the fast and the furious. When these words come with sporty Subaru BRZ engine, it means sheer power and you are bound to get excited.

Handling is one of the main and strongest reasons of BRZ’s selling. Its quick-ration steering is communicative. It is equipped with brilliant suspension tune.  It is easy to read the road surface and to feel where the car’s centre of mass is exists.

Power and Handling

The 2.0-litre DOHC engine is reformed from Subaru Boxer engine by receiving multiple internal reworks to improve and to reduce friction including new valves, camshaft and cylinder heads. The BRZ’s engine is added with new aluminium intake manifold and redesigned exhaust manifold to increase the airflow.

The models with the six-speed manual transmission are also upgraded to produce 205hp and 156lb-ft of torque which is smarter than the previous models. The manual transmission models are also equipped with the standard Torsen limited-slip differential system which has improved the acceleration.

There is a standard function in all Subaru BRZ, the hill start assistance, a dynamic feature that allows the vehicle to prevent from rolling back while on incline and also helps the vehicle in position while accelerate it.

The overall results provide considerable impressive results in handling dynamics and ride quality in the new BRZ.

Impressive and Improved Aerodynamics, Visibility, Cockpit

The new BRZ is still impressive in sleek design. Starts from the front bumper, it is a bit wider and also placed lower to improve the aerodynamics, control and car’s stability.

Marvellous C-shaped LED daytime running lights and new full-LED headlights are improved in lights and consume less power. The overall look is beautiful. The garnish of fenders is matching the body colour with additional black touch.

Two Trims and Two Gearboxes

The new Subaru BRZ is produced to fulfil the demands of auto as well as manual lovers. That’s why there are two trims in it, the BRZ and the BRZ sports-tech.

Both the trims have option of auto and manual six-speed gearbox. Both gearboxes are engineered and tuned to maximise performance and sporty drive feel.

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