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Subaru Forester Is A Good Option In 4X4

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May 9, 2017
Subaru Forester

Its Rugged Interior Makes It An Impressive Off-Road Vehicle

Subaru Forester Is A Good 4X4 With Good Features And Efficient Engines

New Subaru Forester is more impressive in each sense than the previous model. Its handy and practical approach has proved its worth in between some competent names of the market. Though it is not as luxurious from outside and inside as well as other brands of the market of this range, but Subaru Forester offers a nice and improved interior overall. Its interior is well knitted with good practical approach. It makes it a rugged four by four with exceptional off-road ability. Its storage capacity is awesome with wide opening lid.

Subaru Forester Has Limited Engines Range

Subaru Forester is a competent 4X4 of the market. Its efficient engines range is limited but effective in performance. There are two petrol engines and one diesel engine in its lineup. All are good and efficient in working and offer nice and smooth driving experience along with god off-road ability and power.

Petrol Engines Are Well Refined With Economical Fuel Average

There is a 2.0-Litre petrol unit with two different out puts. First version in this petrol unit is of a 147bhp and 146lb/ft torque. This petrol unit is good in performance and economical in fuel consumption. It takes 10.3 seconds to get from 0-62m/h along with top speed of 118m/h. Under the bonnet of five-door Subaru Forester this petrol unit gives 40m/g of fuel average along with reasonable Co2 emissions. It is fitted with six-speed manual and Linear Tronic automatic gearboxes with 4 wheel drive system as standard.

Second version in this 2.0-Litre petrol engine is of 237bhp and 258lb/ft torque. This version is powerful than the previous one and takes 7.3 seconds to reach from0-62m/h along with 137m/h top speed. Fuel consumption of this unit is little bit high and gives 33m/g of fuel average along with 197g/km of Co2 emissions. This version is just available with six-speed linear Tronic Automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive system as standard.

Single Diesel Unit Is Impressive In Performance And Frugal One

There is a 2.0D diesel engine, capable of 144bhp and 258lb/ft torque. Its performance is impressive one. It takes 9.6 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h with 118m/h top speed. Its fuel consumption is very economical and offers 49m/g with 148g/km of Co2 emissions. This diesel engine is available with six-speed manual gearbox and six-speed Linear Tronic automatic transmissions system and four-wheel drive assemblies as standard.

Safety And Reliability Of Subaru Forester Is Impressive

Subaru Forester is considered as an impressive four by four regarding its durability and safety equipments and features. It has been awarded five-star rating by the Euro NCAP. It is equipped with standard airbags with side curtain wall along with pedestrian impact protection. There is an adaptive cruise control with efficient traction control system in new Forester as standard. Anti lock braking system along with updated emergency brake assist system is installed. It has good off-road ability that shows its strong built and great durability. It is an impressive vehicle in driving.

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