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Subaru Impreza, The Best Family Car with Multiple

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Nov 1, 2018
Subaru Impreza

Spacious than before and durable business like styling appeals

Subaru Impreza is an old car with many things one can evaluate positively for buying it. The competition is tough in the class it is placed and liking an Impreza becomes hard when there are so many cheaper yet more capable cars out there. But then why to talk about this one? Well because there have been many improvements from start till present upgrades and you can expect more to happen in the coming ones also. For now the car is a nice choice for those not making speed a problem for purchasing a ride.

It has a spacious cabin with simple controls and sensibleness to suite many purposes. As being expensive people may be scared to lose the original parts but replacing is possible in fewer prices, so it is not expensive to maintain an Impreza. Reconditioned Subaru Impreza engines are present in the market to facilitate if a change is needed and they also come cheap. Then there is also replacement Subaru Impreza engines for sale so the choices are there and you can choose what seems right for the requirement. This one is not for everyone, but preferable for those who want something calm and smooth.

A good safety package

Without doubt, the car is rated high by the standard crash testing authorities. The rating is both for the hatchback and sedan types. There are airbags throughout the sides to protect the front and back passengers as well as the driver. Then there are airbags for the front two occupiers to keep them safe from any big mishap.

Then there are driver’s assistance and warning features to alert if there is any unusual movement from the vehicle. Over here also there is a nice list of tools to choose from for fitting to make the experience even much better. More options come available when reaching for the higher trims.

Engine and transmission

This is not a car which really loves cruising as the engine is engineered so. The Subaru Impreza engine attached to this one is a 2.0-litre having a 152 bhp power generation. There are a five-speed manual and a CVT automatic transmission. The manual gear change is not smooth; this is its major flaw.

The top speed starts to show off quite late and a lot of effort from the engine is needed to reach there. This is an all-wheel drive meaning that it can take you safely through any season at all. Especially care is needed for slippery surfaces and this all-wheel-drive mode helps to achieve that target easily without any mishap. The automatic transmission lowers the engine noises making clean shifts at the lower and higher speeds. CVT comes with Premium, Sport and Limited editions have paddle shift on the steering wheel to allow the driver do to it manually.

The technology side

Look for flaw over here and you will not find one. There is a 6.5-inch screen for the base and Premium level Subaru Impreza and an 8-inch screen for the Sport and Limited models. There is a logical presentation of controls and selection menu.

The responses from these two systems are equally fast and accurate. You do not have to wait for the next screen to open. Everything will happen in as short as a one second time. The graphics are clear you can easily read while sitting back in your driving position. There are many standard features while you also get the options to add as per need. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, AUX input, Bluetooth audio and phone call and USB port are all there and there are more added when the trim level gets higher.

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