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Subaru Impreza WRX, A Thrilling Engine With Handsome Power

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Oct 12, 2017
Subaru Impreza WRX

Subaru Impreza WRX, A Thrilling Engine With Handsome Power

To give you more power and practicality, Subaru Impreza WRX was introduced. The World Rally Experimental tag has been given due to more horsepower and turbo charge engine. Suspension is also of sports car that makes sure better driving of the car. Apparently vehicle has much resemblance of rally racing cars and it is mainly due to history. That is why aesthetically you may miss the attraction that other car manufacturer offer, but this will be well compensated in engine performance and it is appreciated by buyers. It has been the case due to priority given to power unit and its function over interior and exterior. It is hatchback saloon and in comparison, you may find it less refined than other options of same price range. Standard four doors are for two different body designs and same number of trim levels is available for the WRX the fifth one is only in saloon body style.

Trim Levels And Range Of Engines

First three levels share four cylinder 2.5-Litre turbocharged engine. It is capable of 265hp that seems very impressive. Speed transmissions are five and you have to use it manually to enjoy all wheel drive system.

For STI models, six speed manual gearbox is standard and engines for both trim options are more powerful than the previously described. In this way, the later models are for people believe in strong engines for traveling. Seventeen inches alloy wheels and hard sport tuned suspension are to make it awesome for the riders. Xenon lights for front and leather upholstery give you feel of lavish automobile.

Noteworthy Features Of The Cabin

The prominent features include automatic climate control for the cabin, so you get things done precisely. CD player integration with USB and auxiliary audio input facility are certainly useful. Fog lights to keep your driving safe in all weather conditions and sunroof are also part of Premium package. Cargo space in this model of Subaru has shrunk but still good to hold your stuff when you select the hatchback to own. Use of hard plastic for most parts of the cabin has never been a good idea and you will find the same in it. Another problematic area is interface of the navigation system that is optional for the whole series.

Engine Buzz Can Be Avoided

While making a comparison with modern direct fuel injected machines and their performances, the car seems less competitive and slick. But to reach 62 mph speed, it only takes 4.8 seconds that describes performance in real time. For improved handling of the car, it has been made firmer than previous versions. Braking is not ideal but still let the vehicle remain stable while moving in the corners. Electric power steering has been fitted for fun of driving. At steady speed, the engine becomes more refined than before as buzz of the machine dies down. Visibility from driver’s point of view is good and you can adjust the seat for right kind of driving position.

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