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Subaru Legacy Engine Review

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Jul 13, 2017
Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy Is A Decent Car With Four Wheel Drive Chassis, Well-Built Interior And Extra Powerful Diesel Engine And As Far As Its Look Concerns, It’s Pretty Sexy


When the most recent Subaru Legacy gave its UK debut in 2009, it formed a stir by being presented in estate guise only. Look past the Legacy’s a little clumsy styling and you’ll realize practical, faithful and likeable families hold all that’s a peculiar substitute to the Ford Mondeo or Peugeot 508 SW. All versions gain from the trademark Subaru balanced four-wheel drive system and a range of characterful flat-four ‘boxer’ engines. There is a restricted number of trim levels to decide from, and all are quite expensive, but on the plus side standard equipment levels are high.

Engine And Performance:

There’s a limited engine line-up to select from, with presently two petrols and one diesel available. All utilize the trademark Subaru flat four layout, implicating the units are smooth and eager to rev. Entrance-level models acquire a 148bhp 2.0-Litre petrol engine that feels a little spiritless in such full-size car, while the more potent 165bhp 2.5-Litre unit is only accessible along with the firm’s Lineartronic CVT auto gearbox. Most excellent is the forceful and refined 2.0-Litre diesel. Aided with a six-speed manual (non-automatic) gearbox, it suits the no claptrap attitude of the Legacy.

A 10-way modifiable electric driver’s seat is standard, so getting comfort isn’t a problem. What’s more, the blend of good visibility and a poised four-wheel drive chassis makes the Legacy unexpectedly entertaining. Only the firm drive lets it down.

MPG, CO2 And Running Costs:

If your monthly motoring budget is not so high, then steer clear of all the petrol models. Nastiest is the 2.0-Litre petrol along with emissions of CO2 of 199g/km and asserted fuel returns of only 32.8mpg. The 2.5-Litre fares a little bit better and is much faster in a straight line. The diesel maintains the eco-friendly honors for the Legacy. However, devoid of stop-start technology or regenerative braking, its figures of 161g/km and 46.3mpg are no equal for rivals SEAT Exeo ST or VW Passat estate. Yet, respectable residuals of around 40 per cent make the Subaru a firm investment. And along with so much standard kit, you won’t be displaying out on any expensive options, though this is revealed in its high price.

Reliability And Safety:

A five-star Euro NCAP rating highlights the potency and safety offered by the Subaru. All versions of this vehicle contain electronic stability control, six airbags and a noticeable warning if you don’t clip your seatbelt. The Legacy also wins extra points for its permanent four-wheel-drive system, which supplies reassuring traction in all weather conditions.

Consumers can also look forward to authentic service from the rugged mechanicals fixed in the Subaru, while the solidly built cabin feels up to the tough needs of family life. And while maintenance costs, aren’t really the cheapest. The dealers of Subaru always score well in Driver Power satisfaction surveys, so you can anticipate top notch service.

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