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Subaru Legacy GT 2012 Comeback With Major Redesign

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Jan 10, 2013

Subaru Legacy GT 2013 is back after receiving substantial updates to claim the throne, these updates include improved and efficient engine for Subaru Legacy GT, and also few of new active safety feats and superior refinements. The Legacy is the only saloon in its segment class coming with all wheel drive and offering it to all trim levels. The hefty interior provides enough leg and head room. A 2.5-litre i Subaru Legacy engine for sale is offered in all base models and they are penny-wise, lissom and very sensible. The Limited trim on the other hand, used engine for Subaru Legacy in 3.6 six cylinder displacement, which is quiet powerful yet so smooth.

Subaru always has been into highlight for its superb handling, and this also secures the place but with sporty flavour. Steering is highly responsive and very precise. The suspension is also very agile and cabin is isolated to outer sounds. Seating arrangement is very brilliant that 4 full grown adults can enjoy their journey. It has a capacious boot that is hard to find in its rivals. Limited trim does offer some optional features like power moonroof, satellite navigation and traffic assistance.

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