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Subaru Legacy is known for its User-Friendly Traits

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Jul 4, 2019
Subaru Legacy

Keeps the occupiers safe and comfortable means your money well spend

Subaru Legacy is meant for the big families who need a roomy cabin and a good space to keep the luggage also. This is a simple car regarding its looks and is mostly liked by those who want something relaxing for the passengers.

There is everything present in the vehicle which is necessary these days for a vehicle to be according to the present needs. It is a good value for money as there is almost everything there included in the standard price.

The outer body does not have those stylish cuts which others in the category have but then people also criticize BMW for its sedans typical styling. The inside gets different colour tones according to the trim. Most of the trims have beige and grey interior while the sports trim has something different.

The engine side is moderate. There is grip there is fuel economy but what does not fit in is the performance side. Subaru Legacy engines do not have the fun part present which will not score well for those who need this as an essential part.

But even if the sale rate is low convenience factor is still there. Reconditioned Subaru Legacy engines and gearboxes supplied and fitted at the same place facilitate the owners.

Not so bold but effective engine performance

Yes, some trims of this model are especially criticized for the unattractive performance they deliver. But then there are other things to appreciate in them also apart from others in the line-up.

There is a 2.5-litre engine with 175hp and a torque of 174 ready to provide power to most of the trims in Legacy. There is also a 3.6-litre engine which is optional for the Subaru Legacy Limited trim. This one has an output of 256hp with 247 pound-feet of torque.

One thing common in both these engines is the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and the all-wheel drive mode. There are quick responses and no longer delays with the gear change.

The engines are good for driving in town and there is a good low rev present. However, on highways this gets sluggish and overtaking becomes a hard target to achieve. But this does not mean that the car cannot do it at all.

The standard engine is a flat 4 engine and the optional one is a flat six engine. There is not turbo charge present which makes itself felt on the highway. But the 3.6-litre certainly adds power and makes things better at the acceleration side.

There is a good road grip

Where the engine makes things stable the road grip and steering response make it even better. You get a good road grip and it makes turning on twisty roads enjoyable to a large extent. The steering gives good feedback and remains in full control on any surface type.

So you are not in a vehicle which is totally devoid of any qualities. Road grip and active steering presence mean that your family is safe whenever you are travelling. This is important whether you are in town or on a highway.

For the safety side, there are many other features like lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross traffic alert, automated emergency braking and lane keeping assist.

These are present as standard in many of the trims while optional on some. Auto-dimming rear view mirror and Home Link is also there in Premium, Sport and Limited Models.

The perfect cabin

Perfect in the sense that it suits what your family needs. You need comfort, it is there. You want to have a lot of space for the back passengers and the luggage it is largely there. There is no tight space in the front or back for the occupiers.

The driver’s seat has good adjustments to have according to the height and arm stretch so it is not restricted to a specific height. The infotainment screen is clear with coloured graphics easy to operate. The 6.5-inch screen is standard and an 8-inch screen optional.

Bluetooth, USB port and a backup cover are also there. USB ports are also present separately for the back passengers as well as the front usage. To end it the problem is that these segment sedans are progressing fast and to keep up Subaru Legacy has to put up extra effort to remain in the pace.

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