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Subaru Legacy, is really what people call an amazing and reliable family car

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Jan 28, 2020

Roomy, confident and convenient are highlights in this car

Subaru Legacy is one of those cars that are built to save money still giving a long list of features that are standard. There is no doubt you are going to find a complete set when buying this vehicle. There is space and there is convenience plus you are going to get a good range of safety tools also and these are standard.

The exterior is moderate. In this car, you are not going to get an amazing look. It is for the ones who want a stable car from which the driver does not ask much and in return, it will not ask much from you also. So the deal is even.

Look inside and there is enough room to fit in five people easily and even at the back, they have ample leg, head and shoulder room. The cabin has a simple dashboard which for many is outdated but it fits well for the people who want to have the old traditional car feel again.

But the issue is that this present market does not have the majority who support this notion any more. Buyers have two common categories. One is those who want to have an affordable car which has everything nearest to what the leading brands offer.

The other class can afford brands and buy them. Cars now a day have to have features and quality at least close to these to maintain their market which is missing here. Subaru engines have two forms one is standard and the other one is optional. Moreover, nowadays used and reconditioned Subaru engines are also available in the market at low rates as the option of replacement engines.

The companion engines

There are two engines on offer that are going to give power. One is a flat-four engine and the other one is a flat-six engine. This word flat causes the main problem actually. Anyways the flat-four engine is standard but you can also have the other one.

The lower power engine is a 2.5-litre engine with 175 hp. The other one is a 3.6-litre engine with 256 hp. Now the main problem is for the keen drivers I think, as these engines are not that slow as it sounds.

The first engine has a timing of 8.6 seconds for 60 mph run while the second one has 7.1 seconds time for the same distance. There is a fine CVT Subaru Legacy automatic transmission attached to both engines which work really well. There is not much punch present as in other cars and this is what makes it stay behind.

The steering is not that much accurate as compared to others and also there is more body lean present. The conclusion is that the interior alone cannot make a formula successful. The company has to attend seriously to the aspect. Subaru Legacy supply and fitting services are very handy and time-saving also.

Good ride quality and performance

Besides all the negative comments there is going to be a good ride when you hop in. The lower power engine is good when you are going to use it in town as there is a lot of low revs which can pull the car easily from start in a congested area.

The other one can give good road presence on the highway. The optional engine is good but the only issue is that this engine is thirsty and it can empty your pocket quickly. Another good thing is that the suspension works really well.

The cabin mostly remains calm as the car can absorb most of the pavement bumps easily. On a twisty road, the steering wheel collaborates well with the suspension to make the twisty drive more fun. There is very little wind noise present but it cannot be noticed until you listen with pin-drop silence.

Comfort level is high

So this is where the convenience factor shows itself the most. The driver’s seat has 10-way adjustment without the height adjustment. But this factor does not intervene with the driving capability of the car or the driver. The passenger seat has manual adjustment.

At the back, there is enough space to have three at the back with wide shoulders. The legroom is huge so that there is no issue for the leg stretch. The boot space is perfect and when the rear seats are folded more gets available. More than the usual cars have nowadays.

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