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Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer Is A Real Gem In Its Class

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Aug 15, 2017
Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer

Its AWD With Automatic Transmission Has Made It A Unique Estate

Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer Is A Well-Equipped Safe Estate In Its Class

In the presence of Volvo V60, Ford Focus Estate and SEAT Leon ST, Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer is a different type of vehicle available with its dashing features and equipment. It is quiet, smooth and comfortable. It is available in AWD with automatic combination that is its hall mark in its class. No other Estate is available in this combination as Subaru has. It is a well-built strong vehicle with great safety measures and features in it. It offers great driving experience with fun. Its practicality is absolutely good. Wide and spacious interior has made it a popular choice still, while there are some competent brands available in the market.

Interior Is Excellent With Great Practical Approach

Subaru has made its vehicles very delicate in their built, especially interior is outstanding ones. In Levorg Sport Tourer, Subaru has used its same technique. Its interior is well built and well arranged. Simple and beautiful with innovation in it, interior is great in each sense. Interior of Levorg Sport Tourer is well equipped with standard features. Simplicity is Subaru’s style.

Dashboard is well arranged with simple tone. Seating arrangement is of great style to give comfort to its occupants. Centre console has many useful features on it. Plenty of delicate rectangles and fine circles cover the whole dashboard. Useful features and equipment is there with great standard. Levorg Sport Tourer is world famous for its practicality.

With A Single Petrol Engine, Big Estate Deals Well

1.6-Litre GT petrol engine is available in Subaru Levorg. It is a strong petrol engine with 167bhp and 184lb/ft torque. It has great combination with six-speed automatic gearbox and AWD assembly. It’s performance is great with top speed of 130m/h and it takes 8.5 seconds to reach from 0-62m/h.

Fuel average of this engine is also not bad with almost 40m/g and 160g/km of Co2 emissions. Its mechanism with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive has made it unique in its category. Subaru engines are always impressive in performance and fuel consumption.

Driving And Performance

Its AWD option with CVT transmission is great to use. It’s smooth and quiet in operation. Its pick and top speed is also good because of this mechanical combination. It is quick in response from stationary position; maneuvering ability is not as good as we have in other estate of the day. That is because of its weight, experts say that. Overall performance and driving experience is great with fine control and exact road grip due to its AWD function.

Safety And Reliability

Subaru is a name of worthy items with great comfort and extra ordinary safe vehicles for its clients. Plenty of safety kits have used in this vehicle to make it safer than before. Massive array of features and kits are installed in it. It has gained five stars rating from Euro NCAP in crash test. It is durable and reliable also with strong body and structure. Its built is flawless. It is well balanced and well settled vehicle by Subaru that gives comfort with relaxed manner to its users.

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