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Subaru Sponsored Research Discovers Secure Dog Harness

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Apr 11, 2014

Subaru chose to support the CPS Harness Crashworthiness Study because there are no set safety standards for dog vehicle harnesses

David Grimm has written several books and “Citizen Canine” is one of his well known publications. In this book author examines the living being of dogs and their status in the society where he analyse the position of dogs that they are on the edge of acquiring legal identity as a “persons” in the United States.

Is it surprising to you? If not, and your answer is yes then Subaru America has some considerable news for you; only one dog harness has been rated as “Acceptable” out of eleven, for use in the cars.
Centre of Pet Safety USA has conducted a research late last year and it was funded by Subaru America and that would rival tests for human fetters like child seats and SEAT belts in cars.
In the last three months of study, Safety Centre has tested eleven dog safety harnesses while use them in different crash situation on dog dummies of different sizes and weights and the results were horrific. Out of those eleven harnesses only one was acceptable as safe. It was a sleepypod’s Clickit Utility harness.


Subaru spokesman Michael McHale who observed some of the testing, said on these results, “It was horrific to watch some of these harnesses break in two.” “They have these remarkable dummy dogs that are weighted like a actual dog and expressive bodies like a real dog and you see the dog fly through the air and hit the ground.” “I’m a dog owner and it was truly hard to watch.” McHale further said, results have some hard facts to share with dog owners and those facts allow dog owners to keep their dogs as safe as Subaru’s vehicles keep them.

Certainly, it is an approach to build affirmative customer relations. Two-thirds of Subaru’s 0.8 million owners accept that their pets regularly ride with them but usually without any safety measures. Moreover, Subaru’s branding is to a certain extent fabricate on being pet-friendly. Take its well-known “Dog Tested” TV spots for almost three years. The spots show dogs dynamically riding Subaru vehicles in a range of hilarious and entertaining circumstances.

Subaru spokesperson also said that they chose to support the CPS Harness Crashworthiness Study because there are no set safety standards for dog vehicle harnesses and while dealers don’t vend the harness, they do offer great customer service.

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