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Subaru Teases It’s New Crossover

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Feb 17, 2017
Subaru XV

The New Subaru XV With Petrol, Diesel And Hybrid Engine Options

Will be launched at Geneva Motor Show

Subaru has teased its next generation SUV called the XV. It will have petrol and diesel boxer and hybrid options when it arrives later in 2017. The Japanese brand has revealed a teaser image of its new crossover called the XV and will be finally launched at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The Subaru XV is based on the 2016 edition of the concept vehicle shown at the Geneva show and the teaser image shows it won’t be far from the design study. We also understand that a hybrid powertrain is on the cards, alongside a more traditional range of petrol and diesel ‘boxer’ engines.

UK’s Marketing director Chris Hawken said in 2016 that the boxer engine will always be a part of the Subaru line-up and the next XV “will have electrification in the range” when it’s launched next year. He also emphasised the no-compromises 4×4 system in the XV, and other cars in the range, suggesting that the system will add to the car’s off-road capability.


Subaru XV Engine

Sources say that the new crossover will be powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged boxer (flat-four) petrol engine which drives the rear wheels and a pair of electric motors powers the front wheels. A more economy-focused version of that drivetrain would be a possibility in the XV, but the engine would almost certainly be mounted in the front with the electric motors at the rear.

Based on ‘Dynamix X’ Platform

The show car features elements that define Subaru’s new ‘Dynamix X Solid’ design philosophy. It therefore previews the design direction for the entire next generation of Subaru vehicles, the carmaker said.


According to the design team, the XV Concept’s cabin ‘silhouette tapers and tightens as the bodywork flows towards the rear, leaving an impression of energy and athleticism’. The company’s ‘hawk-eye’ headlamps and hexagonal grille are developments of Subaru’s existing style, and the XV Concept also features matt black protective body cladding running around the car.

The show car’s new colour scheme is called Glacier Khaki Silica, and has been designed to evoke glacier ice. Orange highlights on the grille, bumpers, alloys and roof rails give the concept a bit more visual attitude.

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