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Subaru Tribeca engine for sale

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Jun 7, 2013

Subaru Tribeca engine for sale

Subaru Tribeca is a midsized crossover SUV introduced in 2005 by the Japanese auto makers SUBARU, in the beginning it was powered by a 3.0 litre boxer engine – a flat-six, 24-valve with a quad cam that is built with the aluminium block and heads although the exhaust ports per cylinder are different in numbers. It was paired with the five speed automatic transmission. The Subaru Tribeca engine for sale is available in two variants, a 3.0 litre EZ30 boxer and a 3.6 litre EZ36 boxer engine. The 3.0 litre EZ30D boxer engine was largely modified and updated in 2003 with the new cylinder heads of three exhaust ports per cylinder and variable intake valve timing with the dual timing chains and coil-on-plug ignition.

The Subaru Tribeca engine for sale was again modified in the second generation in 2006 to use in 2007 models to make debut at the Chicago Auto Show.  It was equipped with dynamics technologies to make the Tribeca more reliable and unique vehicle. In the year 2007 the new model of Tribeca came with a facelift and a heavier and larger Subaru Tribeca engine for sale of 3.6 litres EZ36. It was capable of producing 256bhp with a ten percent better fuel economy while using the regular gasoline fuel however the 2006 and 2007 models use premium gasoline, it generates a twisting power of 248 lb-ft at 4400rpm. It claims the CO2 emission rates of 242g/km.

Subaru dropped the B9 identifier to harmonizing the name as Subaru Tribeca internationally, Subaru Tribeca engine for sale used aluminium alloys to minimise the powertrain weight. It has a lower centre of gravity than the traditional V type inline assemblies to provide the perfect vibration mitigation; there is no way to produce vibration in the boxers rather than the cylinders being offset slightly on the opposing banks, however if this vibration exists than no need to worries because the engine mount has rubber absorbers to eliminate the vibration effects. This type of layout of powertrain also helps to reduce the torque steer.

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