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Subaru Will Put An End To Toyota Camry Production In Its Lafayette Plant by 2016

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May 30, 2014

The infighting was going on between both partners for quite some time and finally they have agreed to end their partnership in 2016

It was the year 2007 when Subaru of Indiana Automotive at Lafayette plant built its first Toyota Camry under the contract from Toyota which happens to be a minority shareholder of Subaru. The news of ending of contract between Subaru and Toyota was around for quite some time as Subaru wanted to expand the line for Impreza and build more units whereas Toyota was talking about moving Camry production to Georgetown, KY plant. And now finally both of the partners officially announced the seizer of production of Toyota Camry by 2016.

As of now, Subaru Indiana Automotive has a capacity of 170,000 vehicles that has been completely devoted to Outback and Legacy, known as the home-brand of Subaru. Now the company has invested £236.80 million for the expansion which will enable the production line to build Impreza with numbers piling up to 300,000 units within two years. When the Camry production will stop, it will free up the resources for building up to 100,000 units.

Ultimately, enabling the Subaru to produce 400,000 units which is quite frankly, more than needed at the moment but it also has been said that there will not be any loss of jobs as Subaru will absorb the production team of Camry line.
The Subaru will expand its operations as it sees fit.

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