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Subaru WRX Five Door Version Is Likely To Arrive Soon

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Sep 4, 2014

Latest spy shots answer the controversy that a five door WRX is likely to come as an exclusive hatchback

The WRX was in rumours for a long time in the sense of five doors is off-again and on-again, but latest spy shots answer that controversy. It is a YES to five doors, all WRX fans cheer as the five door version will be arriving soon. Delicacy is key to this test mule, evident after seeing these photos that specify a hot hatch. It hasd been confirmed that this WRX is under development at Subaru’s production facility.

On seeing it first, it gives an impression of WRX that is attached to the front of an ordinary-looking Subaru Impreza hatch. We can clearly distinguish the little bit of extra width, most noticeable on the roof and from back side. And certainly, let’s not overlook that bulge in the hood, exclusively made of a metal panel that wraps the hood and it seems that it can be removed with the help of screws, noticed by the spy. The WRX’s more vigorous exhaust and over-sized wheel package was not on this mule, though you knew that this is the only place for Subaru prototypes.

We are abundantly looking ahead to a WRX hatchback to be launched but mechanically, it should be alike to the saloon brethren, and an insider told that a Subaru boxer engine is also under development for the WRX-. We need to wait and see that when this beauty is launched by Subaru but we are sure that time is not far away…!

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