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Will Subaru BRZ Be Discontinued Only After One Generation?

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Jun 27, 2014

The rumours are really heating up that the whole project of Subaru BRZ might freeze as Toyota is joining hands with BMW for its new sports car

Subaru launched BRZ not very long ago; its first generation won the hearts of World Rally Championship fans in particular and rest of the world as usual. Subaru was developing it in collaboration with Toyota but now it seems like this one of its kind coupe might not see the next generation. The fate of this sports coupe is in the hands of Toyota and solely depends on what it decides to do in the future.

So now, just for the sake of an argument, if Toyota decides to continue working with Subaru on the Boxer engine, the chances are bright enough that the project will live on. Otherwise, Toyota will ditch Subaru’s 4-cylinder engine and get a hybrid engine instead, which is more evident from the recent developments between Toyota and BMW. Ultimately, Subaru will not have a platform to work with so it would not be possible for the BRZ production to go into the next generation.

Subaru fans should not get so down as not all the hope is lost, it doesn’t matter what Toyota will use to power it second generation FR-S, Tetsuya Tada, chief engineer, says that they are studying turbocharging for now, but it still is quite possible that we prefer retaining natural aspiration engines in the future.

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