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With a 265 bhp engine, Subaru Outback steals the hearts at New York Auto Show

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May 9, 2014

The Outback is an undisputed champion of its category with all the crispiness of modern age

Subaru is owned by Japanese tycoon Fuji Heavy Industries for a while and they are famous for their out of the box thinking and having guts to do what no one else would do. This time what they have done is a complete rework on the Outback, which is one of the best selling all-wheel drive family vehicles powered by a 265 hp Subaru engine, even if it is not styled in a charming way.

The Outback is a wagon, Subaru once proudly owned the wagons but when the fourth generation came, it was dropped as the market turned to the crossovers. Now in the new model, every bit of oddity from previous models like the excessive plastic cladding, lumpy bodywork and dowdy interior has been eschewed and came in all the crispiness and funky flair of modern age, making Outback the de facto vehicle for the customers with all kind of needs but dislike for the SUV.

Dominic Infante is the spokesman of Subaru of America said: “it’s less SUV-like, more grown-up, Subaru will call the 2015 Outback – whose Circa-1995 ancestor was memorably branded “the world’s first sport-utility wagon” by the Australian actor-spokesman Paul Hogan – anything but a wagon.”

You have two options under the hood, a 2.5 litre flat four-cylinder turning out 175 horsepower and a 3.6 litre in-line six-cylinder producing 256 horsepower engine where Subaru claims that the four-cylinder will give 33 mpg on the highway with the help of fuel-efficient continuously variable gearbox. As these engines have been carried over from ’14 models and they give the mileage in low 20s, so the above claimed values need to be verified.

The interior has also been improved in the sense of looks and material used, the dashboard has a richer wood grain finish. When the door is shut, it makes a Vacu-Seal kind of whoomp which is known to be one of the major attributes of Bentley.

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