Who Are We And What We Do?

Subaru Engines & Gearboxes has been offering the latest news, first drive reviews and every new feature about Subaru vehicles for years and because of uniqueness of the platform, we have built a strong relationship with Subaru owners. There are not many blogs or platforms available dedicated to Subaru engines and gearboxes or even for the vehicles.

The Problem

This problem gets even worse when Subaru owners have to get the replacement engines or gearboxes for their vehicles. Traditionally they had to pick up the telephone directories & start calling up different scrap yards and engine suppliers to find a replacement engine for Subaru. This process usually takes time and there is a lot of uncertainty about the right price. If fortunately they got one, uncertainty still remains with the question that he got the fair price or not?

The Solution

To address these problems of our loyal readers, we have built a database of Subaru Engine suppliers in the UK. Now if you need a replacement engine for Subaru, all you need to do is, enter your vehicle registration number and we will get you the best available price quotes from most trusted suppliers in the UK who have the compatible Subaru engine in stock. Our database requests the vehicle information from DVLA and then search for the available stocks and suppliers. From the list of prices you can choose the suitable one and buy from the supplier that offers the best deal.