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Subaru Boxer Engines Turn 50 but Still Very Young and Powerful

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Jun 9, 2016
Subaru STI Boxer

Subaru flat engines are serving the world for 50 years and offering muscular punching and boxer hits Half century of horizontally opposed cranking Most fascinating tech behind flat four and flat six engines Plus the best of Subaru’s It’s been 50 years when Subaru introduced its horizontal engines in its cars. These engines are famous …

Bad Boys of Subaru’s line-up! The WRX and WRX STI Concise Rockets

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Mar 28, 2014

Based on the modest Impreza compact saloon, these bad boys, the WRX and the swift WRX STI are new for 2015. Both share the same power techniques with turbocharger and all wheel drive but on the road behaviour is very unlike. The two cars get a refined interior and fresh styling. The hatchback versions are …

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